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Personal, Comfortable, Professional

A’Hern Fitness is a boutique personal training fitness studio owned and operated by triple Olympian and dual Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Nick A’Hern and his wife Jennifer.

Established 23years ago, A’Hern Fitness has a very loyal clientele who enjoy the private and personal atmosphere of its studio gym, which only ever has seven people working out at one time. Nick and Jen want their clients to enjoy a good work out in a relaxed and quiet environment.

Programs are tailor-made to meet individual goals. Nick’s elite sporting background means he and his trainers can help those clients who want specialised training, while many say maintaining health and fitness, managing stress and having a sense of wellbeing are equally important to them.

Whatever your health and fitness goals, Nick and Jennifer carefully recruit and train their staff so they can tailor-make a fitness program, and importantly, work with people to help them achieve their best. They look for personality as well as qualifications, and match trainers to clients. For this reason, they have very loyal, long-serving staff.

A’Hern Fitness is welcoming, friendly and is always working to exceed expectations. In fact, once people join, they hardly ever leave...

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