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Personal, Comfortable and Professional

A’Hern Fitness is a boutique personal training fitness studio owned and operated by triple Olympian and dual Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Nick A’Hern and his wife Jennifer.

Established 23 years ago, A’Hern Fitness has a very loyal clientele who enjoy the private and personal atmosphere of its studio gym, which only ever has seven people working out at one time. Nick and Jen want their clients to enjoy a good work out in a relaxed and quiet environment.

Programs are tailor-made to meet individual goals. Nick’s elite sporting background means he and his trainers can help those clients who want specialised training, while many say maintaining health and fitness, managing stress and having a sense of wellbeing are equally important to them.

Whatever your health and fitness goals, Nick and Jennifer carefully recruit and train their staff so they can tailor-make a fitness program, and importantly, work with people to help them achieve their best. They look for personality as well as qualifications, and match trainers to clients. For this reason, they have very loyal, long-serving staff.

A’Hern Fitness is welcoming, friendly and is always working to exceed expectations. In fact, once people join, they hardly ever leave...



Make the change to a healthier you today

A professional training package should take into consideration your daily lifestyle requirements and provide you with functional exercises that support and enhance your needs.

Our fully qualified team of personal trainers have the correct knowledge to design an individual program that will help you reach your goals.

Our job is to give you consistency , support and a routine so exercise becomes a part of your everyday life.

Our trainers are here to motivate, plan, support and monitor your progress to ensure permanent changes are made to your lifestyle.

If you need a reason for making exercise a part of your life, consider a consultation with A’Hern Fitness, Management for Health, Fitness and Success.

  • Personal Training packages - Consistent Personal Training sessions each week, at the same time and with the same trainer to ensure continuity and results. You will be allocated your PT time,  so you can build that around your routine.  All single sessions are 30 minutes, you can come in up to 30 mins before your scheduled PT session to do your own cardio + warm up. We will design the package to suit you and your schedule. We have 4, 10 or 20 session blocks available . The more sessions you purchase, the rate is reduced, so you are rewarded for your commitment.

  • A personalised water bottle

  • Workout towels and shower towels are provided for each visit.

  • Train on your own or with a friend or partner, we offer one on one and one on two. Double packages help with your budget too, offering both 30 minute and 1 hour double sessions.

  • Onsite free parking

  •  A boutique environment with numbers in the studio limited. A maximum of 4 trainer on at anyone time

  • Our Outdoor Playground - Canberra's only PT studio with its own designated OUTDOOR area, where you can train outdoors and still be in private.

  • Cant commit to sessions each week, Customised packages are available - we can customise your package to suit you. We can also offer sessions on a monthly or more casual basis. We will customise a plan for you.


Wed 12.30pm 

45 minutes
Maximum 6 participants
Book your spot for the full term
$35 per class





Conditions apply

Maximum 6 participants, so book your spot today

When you book the term, no refunds or make ups for classes missed

Payment required upfront



Can't get in the studio but want to continue your health and fitness? or just dont know what to do in your local gym?

If you would prefer to train on your own at home, or have a gym set up at home. Or if you have a membership at your local gym, we can still help you by offering personalised home /gym programs. 

This way you can keep up your fitness, strength and conditioning in a way that works for you. We can customise the program to suit your circumstances, your equipment and schedule. 

What works for a lot of our clients, An initial PT session followed by a take home online program, then monthly PT sessions, program upgrades and check-ins.  
Happy to customise to suit you 



"I came to this studio seeking assistance to get my health back on track.   I had been to other gyms but being a “bigger” person was not confident with the best way to achieve a good workout on the equipment and I never felt  I got the most out my membership.  When I started at A’Hern’s  I found  the trainers were very friendly and great at tailoring sessions so that I felt challenged but not overwhelmed and their attention throughout the sessions was very reassuring .  They have been key to me now having better control of my health issues and progressively becoming a smaller “bigger” person.   The atmosphere at the studio is not intimidating as the other clients are also friendly and encouraging.  The surprising thing I now enjoy exercise and with the encouragement of  the A’Herns and my trainers I'm working on and achieving other goals including cycling to work, fun runs and perhaps even a mini–triathlon – things I’d never considered before."


"I have been a  personal training client at A'Hern Fitness for over eight years – and I don’t like going to the gym! I keep coming back because of the great service and the quality of the trainers. They understand my needs, preferences and work with me to help me achieve what I want out of the sessions and my overall program.  The friendly, flexible and personalised service is what’s important to me and I highly recommend A'Hern Fitness."


I'd be happy to say that 3 years ago my knees were quickly taking me into a sedentary life and I had the gait of a geriatric. Since then, I've rediscovered a new outlook thanks not only to your training but also your recovery advice, such as the ice. I'm now skiing again and even have a core/six pack under a layer of middle age. Jill and I will always be customers because A'Hern Fitness is giving us a higher quality of life. They even turn the music down low for me!"


"Upon joining A'Hern Fitness in 2011 I was warmly welcomed by Jennifer, Nick and their team of experienced Personal Trainers. I greatly appreciate their approach to training through encouragement and dedication in assisting me to reach my fitness goals. In particular, my Personal Trainer Jennifer has greatly improved my pre-existing back and overuse injuries through strength training for better health and wellbeing. I also enjoy the A'Hern team events through participating in a number of fun runs and sporting events together throughout the year. I highly recommend A'Hern Fitness to anyone looking for a more personalised approach to fitness and training."


"After the birth of my second child I wanted to get back into shape. I wanted a personal trainer who would train me with my baby nearby. A’Hern Fitness was the only gym that recognised the difficulties trying to train with a baby. During my initial assessment, my trainer (Jen) was as concerned that my daughter be comfortable with her while I was training, as well as my medical history. I found this a huge relief and was able to train effectively in every session. I continued training with A’Hern Fitness when I returned to work and have thoroughly benefited from every session during the intervening 2½ years. The variety of tailored training solutions is exactly what you need to keep you motivated and to keep achieving positive results. Friendly staff and up-to-date equipment make A’Hern Fitness a truly fantastic training experience."


"Since joining A’Hern Fitness I have lost 22 kilos and now I am fit enough to enjoy running in my spare time. I chose Nick as a trainer because I wanted to learn from someone who had the skills and the discipline to succeed at the top of his sport. Nick has systematically created challenging but achievable work out sessions for me. As my fitness improved Nick knew when to change and vary what I was doing to keep it interesting and rewarding. I don’t remember doing the same work out twice. I would strongly recommend A’Hern Fitness to anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit."


"I was quite apprehensive when I was first looking for a gym to join, as I had never been involved in gyms before and was a relative late comer to the scene. From the minute I walked in I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. The fact that there are only a few people training at any time means that I was not self-conscious and because it is so personal it actually becomes quite interactive and fun. I love the personal training aspect as it keeps me motivated and the trainers constantly vary my program. They always give their undivided attention.
I now consider the team at A’Hern fitness as family." 



82 Canberra Ave, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia

(02) 6260 8500

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To talk to us about your personal circumstances and how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, book your free 30 min consultation

If you are unable to find a day/time suitable, email and we will arrange a time to suit you

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