Enhance Your Training with Professional Sports Trainers at A’Hern Fitness

A’Hern Fitness strives to help you reach your sports training goals in a supportive and friendly environment. Our Canberra fitness studio is owned and operated by Olympian and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist Nick A’Hern and his wife, Jennifer. Their professional sports trainers will customise an Olympic quality workout suited to your individual needs.


Difference Between Sports Training and Exercise


Both exercise and sports training are examples of physical activity and increasing either will benefit your health and longevity. Exercise and training differ in their goals. Exercise satisfies immediate goals, while training involves working toward future goals.

The goals of exercise can include any of the following: increasing heart rate, sweating, breathing heavy, stressing muscles, and burning calories. You feel and see the effects of exercise during and immediately after the workout. Some people exercise the same way every day while others switch up their routines, but their goals are similar which is to feel the immediate benefits of increasing your physical activity.

Sports training involves working toward a performance goal in the future such as distance running or increasing abilities in sports. The first step is to define the goal, including a timeline for achievement. After you set a goal, a professional sports trainer creates a plan to reach it, so that each workout is an incremental step toward the objective.

Most health clubs and fitness centres focus on exercise as is evidenced by the banks of cardio machines such as treadmills, steppers, and ellipticals. Cardio machines can provide an essential aspect in sports training as well, but they tend to have different uses. For example, somebody who gets on a treadmill and runs five kilometres every day to stay in shape is exercising. Training implies an increase in ability over time so somebody who alternatively runs and walks and increases their ability every day is training.


Professional Sports Training


Most people aren’t athletes, and their fitness goals are usually to lose weight or to stay in shape. When people add exercise to their daily routine, they lose weight and feel great, but before they know it they hit a plateau and no longer see results. Professional sports training can push your body through that plateau, so you see results again.


Our sports trainers will consult with you to help you set reasonable goals and draw up a plan to help you obtain them. Your trainer will support and encourage you to push yourself while teaching you good form and how to prevent injuries. You can learn more about our professional sports trainers to get a feel with whom you will work best.

If are ready to take your fitness and ability to the next level contact A’Hern Fitness and our hand-picked trainers will design a custom fitness plan for you. We have the know-how and equipment to assist your health goal, whatever that goal may be. Our staff will push you toward your objectives while fostering a welcoming and supportive environment.