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A’Hern Fitness focuses on complete wellbeing training by integrating a personalised workout with smart nutrition. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will customise a fitness regime and nutritional plan to help you achieve your goals. Diet and exercise can act in concert to keep you healthy and fit, and our friendly and welcoming studio provides the encouragement you need to stay on track.

Advantages of Personalised Training

Personalised training offers many advantages over a self-regulated exercise program. For example, our trainers save you time by focusing on exercises that will help you reach your goals faster. We have a variety of techniques that can work different muscle groups simultaneously. If you are short on time, a trainer is a sensible choice.

If you have specific goals in mind, we have specific ways to get you there. Some people want to increase cardiovascular endurance while others what to become stronger or more flexible. Personalised training focuses on your objectives, which our staff can help you with, using various methods for different goals.

Our trainers are knowledgeable about and experienced in using the correct form when exercising. Poor posture and form during exercises cause injuries that can keep you from working your usual routine. Workout training involves educated staff making small adjustments to your technique to prevent injuries and guarantee you get the most out of each movement.

Hitting plateaus can be debilitating to your motivation, but our trainers will help you power through them by changing up your routine and supporting you. Working with a trainer empowers you to make lifelong healthy habits because they teach you and motivate you to be your best.


Make Nutrition Part of Your Wellbeing Training

We focus on your wellbeing training by coupling fitness with nutrition. You can meet with our in-house dietician one-on-one, or you can register to attend one of our group sessions. Whether you have a personalised or group session, you will learn how to eat healthier and discover what triggers your unhealthy habits—enabling you to make changes. You can learn more about our nutrition packages to see how it can fit into your regime.

When consulting with our dietician, you’re first asked to keep a food diary. This practice helps to document your eating habits, which can then be used to suggest methods to make healthy changes. People often fool themselves with their own eating habits by not realising how often or how much they eat. An honest food diary helps you pinpoint where the most beneficial changes can be found.

Our dietician teaches you about healthy eating and develops an action plan to make manageable changes over time to complement your workout training. You will learn how to read nutrition labels, eat responsibly at restaurants, control your portion sizes, and much more.

Contact A’Hern Fitness, and our experienced and friendly staff will customise a workout and nutrition regime for your wellbeing. We are the only fitness studio in Canberra operated by an Olympic athlete to give you Olympic quality results. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.

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