Personal Training Studio Packages

A professional training package should take into consideration your daily lifestyle requirements and provide you with functional exercises that support and enhance your needs.

Our fully qualified team of personal trainers have the correct knowledge to design an individual program that will help you reach your goals.

Our job is to give you consistancy , support and a routine so exercise becomes a part of your everyday life.

Our trainers are here to motivate, plan, support and monitor your progress to ensure permanent changes are made to your lifestyle.

If you need a reason for making exercise a part of your life, consider a consultation with A’Hern Fitness, Management for Health, Fitness and Success.

  • Personal Training packages - Consistent Personal Training sessions each week, at the same time and with the same trainer to ensure continuity and results. You will be allocated your PT time, so you can build that routine.  We have 30 min and 1 hour sessions to choose. We will design the package to suit you and your schedule. The more you see a trainer each week, the rate is reduced, so you are rewarded for seeing your trainer more often.

  • Membership - Free use of the studio, between your personal training sessions. A program can be tailored for these sessions separate to your personal training sessions with your trainer. Booking essential

  • Nutritional advice - Regular nutrition tips, reviewing your eating diary, your eating habits, advice on alternatives and better choices, looking at your emotions and how they affect what and when you eat all to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals

  • A personalised water bottle to either use at the stuido or take home ( please note we will no longer be storing client water bottles at the studio)

  • Workout towels and shower towels are provided for each visit

  • Train on your own or with a friend or partner, we offer one on one and one on two. Double packages help with your budget too 

  • Onsite free parking

  •  A boutique enviroment with numbers in the studio limited to less than 10

  • Our Outdoor Playground - Canberrra's only PT studio with its own designated OUTDOOR area, where you can train outdoors and still in private

  • Cant committ to sessions each week, Customised packages are available - we can customise your package to suit you. We can also offer sessions on a monthly or more casual basis. We will customise a plan for you.

Make the change to a healthier you today